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Foiling Lessons

Foiling has been a game-changer and we think you will love it. Maybe you’ve been windsurfing for years and haven’t tried foiling yet, maybe you’re working on perfecting your upwind 360’s, or maybe you’re ready to get into wing foiling. Whatever the reason you’re foil curious, our instructors are ready to help you reach your foil goals. Please note that we only offer private lessons for foiling to make sure that you’re getting the full attention of your instructor to help get you up and flying.

Beginner Wing Foiling Lessons

This 2 hour lesson will introduce you to wing foiling with both on-the-beach and water instruction. We will cover safety, wind theory and wing handling. For beginner lessons, we will not be using the foil right away. We will start out with some big boards with center fins that are really stable and help make learning easier. At the end of the lesson you will be able to wing back and forth, steer and turn. The wing is pretty intuitive once you get the basics down, so with a couple lessons and practice, you should be up on a foil flying around in no time! You do not need any prior windsurfing or foiling experience to try wing foiling.
2 Hours - $190
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Advanced Wing Foiling Lessons

You’ve learned the basics, been practicing on your own, and are looking for some additional help to get some more advanced moves down. We can customize this 2 hour lesson to your needs to help you work on exactly what you need help with.
2 Hours - $190
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wing foiling lesson
advanced wing foiling lesson