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Meet the North Beach Windsurfing Team
windsurfer and owner of North Beach

Britt- Founder, owner, began his love of windsurfing while competing on the windsurfing team at Eckerd College (in St Pete, FL). Competing during the school year and teaching windsurfing lessons in the summer, he even competed in the Olympic Trials for the 1996 Olympic Games. After college (and a stint working in the investment world) he decided to open a business that would allow him to indulge in the sport he loved, while teaching others how to windsurf as well. Over the years, he has continued to hone his teaching skills, earning his certification as a US Sailing Instructor / Trainer. Britt has coached several high level windsurfing competitors who have competed in the Olympic Trials and the Youth Olympic Games and helped hundreds of students reach their windsurfing goals.

windsurfer and co-owner of North Beach

Karen- Co-owner, When she started teaching windsurfing lessons on a lake in Denver, Colorado as a high school job she didn’t know windsurfing would take over her life! Who needs college when you can move to Maui and then Corpus Christi, Texas following the wind? She spent many years working with her brother John at Larson’s Ski & Sport growing windsurfing in Colorado and competed in the Olympic Trials for windsurfing for the 1996 and 2008 Olympic Games. It was easy for Britt to convince her to move to St Pete with the promise of year round windsurfing. If you need windsurfing technique advice or help with random old windsurfing parts - she’s your girl.  That experience combined with her excellent communication skills make learning a breeze.  She teaches all levels of windsurfing and foiling.

windsurfing Cal-If it's windy, Cal is on the water. He started teaching with us in 2020 and embodies the stoke of windsurfing.  You can find him on the water teaching all levels of windsurfing, or improving his wingfoiling. Cal comes from a lifelong background of sailing and mechanical engineering. He started windsurfing in Saint Martin in 2019. His other hobbies include BMX, grilling, and Call of Duty.
windsurf lesson

Richard- Instructor, Richard started windsurfing in Ohio in 2014 and joined the North Beach Windsurfing team in 2019. He specializes in teaching our beginner lessons and does an amazing job at getting people comfortable on the board and confidently sailing around. His enthusiasm and genuine joy of seeing his students succeed is contagious. Richard loves windsurfing “because it's satisfying for all skill levels and conditions.” Also, he is just starting to learn how to foil. He is a life-long sailor (who literally learned to walk on a sailboat) and lover of the water who enjoys spear fishing and a good glass of scotch.


JohnJohn- Joining the North Beach Windsurfing team in 2022 with a plethora of knowledge on the iQFoil Olympic class and actively competing. JohnJohn can answer all your questions about foil racing and settings. He also like to pump foil when there's no wind.