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Why You Should Stand Up Paddleboard on Vacation

Florida is best seen from the water.

Florida, and especially Tampa Bay, is big vacation destination. To really get an appreciation for the miles of coastline, amazing waterfront properties, and diverse wild-life in St Pete Beach, you makes plans to see it all from the water. A paddleboard is the easiest way to make that happen and truly experience the coast. When you launch off the beach into the Gulf of Mexico with your stand-up paddle board you can surf the small waves by the shore, or paddle out a bit further and feel the ocean swells moving under your board. From out on the water, the noise of the beach quiets and you see an expansive view of the coastline and its iconic hotels, like the pink Don CeSar.

Staying in the Gulf isn’t the only way to explore. Venture into the backwaters and bays of Ft. Desoto Park and Shell Key to find the real “Salt Life” experience. Cruise the shallow waters around the mangrove islands where bigger boats can’t go, sneak up on stingrays, redfish, baby sharks, manatees, and turtles. If you are lucky enough to come across dolphins, it’s an unforgettable experience to watch them swim and play just a few feet from you, and looking up to see who is visiting their playground.

If you are looking for a more tame experience, you can tour the calm canals to get an incredible view of the beautiful homes that are on the water in Pass-a-Grille and Tierra Verde, and daydream of what it would be like to come home to that backyard every day.

Paddle boarding can be as vigorous or as relaxing as you want.

Stand-up-paddle boarding can be a relaxing way to spend some time in the great outdoors, or it can be a sweat-inducing workout that challenges your muscles. When you take a paddle board out in flat water on a calm day, it’s similar to a leisurely bike ride around the neighborhood. You can chat with your friends, soak up the sun and scenery, and come off the water feeling only mildly fatigued.

On the other hand, taking your paddle board out in waves will challenge your sense of balance and work the muscles in your body (it’s a great way to make sure that the kids in your group are too tired to cause any trouble!). Pick a destination and see how fast you can get there, raising your heart rate and giving you a great full-body workout. The decadent vacation food (that you are going to eat anyway) tastes even better when you’ve worked up an appetite!

Paddle boarding is easier than you think.

You don’t need to be young, athletic, or even sporty to paddle board. Paddle boarders come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. All you need is a board that is sized correctly for you and the water conditions, and a little bit of patience to get comfortable with balancing. If you’re still not feeling confident, try a lesson or guided tour with an instructor who will give you paddling pointers and tricks to help your balance.

Spending time with your friends and family in the salt air, gliding across the water, soaking up the sun and sights… venturing out on a paddle board will help make this a vacation to remember!