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5 Things to Know When Renting a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

paddleboard rental st pete beach
Going paddleboarding for the first time? Be prepared and have the best experience possible by getting informed before you go.

1. You don’t have to be experienced

There are just a few basic skills you need to go paddleboarding. You need to be able to balance and swim, climb back on the board should you fall, and be able to hoist yourself up from your knees to a standing position. As long as you have average skills in these departments, you’ll be able to paddle board.

2. It’s less expensive to rent off the beach

When you’re laying out on the beach, it may be tempting to rent a paddleboard from one of the kiosks. Be warned, that it’s always always more expensive to rent from an on-beach provider. We are located right across from the beach and we’re able to offer lower prices. Plus, because we specialize in water sports, we can help you choose the right board and give you tips and ideas on where to go.

3. Don’t worry about transporting the paddle board

Boards are light and easy to carry, and we are always happy to help you get it over to the beach. If there’s a nearby spot where you’d like to paddleboard, we’ll happily transport the paddleboard wherever you’d like.

4. It’s not as hard as it looks

Don’t be intimidated by paddleboarding—it really is easy! Paddleboarding doesn’t require much strength. As long as you are healthy without any significant knee or back problems, you can paddleboard. Many people are scared of falling off, but there’s no need to be. You simply get back onto the board and continue on!

5. Make sure you get the right board

Choosing the right board for your abilities and size can make a big difference. Overall, wider boards provide more stability for beginners who may not yet feel at ease balancing. Smaller sized people may opt for smaller boards which are easier to maneuver, and larger people should use larger boards that support them.

Now, you’re ready to paddleboard! We’re happy to give instruction to SUP newbies, and make sure you feel comfortable out on the water. Head over to the Stand Up Paddle Board Rental page for more info, pricing, and to reserve your board.