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Fanatic Free Wave VS Free Wave STB

Fanatic Free Wave or Fanatic Free Wave STB (stubby)?

Fanatic Freewave or Freewave STBThe Fanatic Free Wave has been one of their top selling models.  With a shape that is respectably quick in flat water, but still manageable in the waves it leads the pack of boards that are practical and versatile.  It has been one of the top choices for years for windsurfers who want a board that works great in real world conditions; some days in choppy bay water, occasional flat-water blasting, and some days when you are trying to make the most of the waves at your home break.  In 2017 Fanatic Introduced the Free Wave STB and also kept the regular Free Wave in the line.  So.....what's the difference and which one should you own?  We've tried to break it down here, but if you still aren't sure - give us a call or drop us a line!  We're always happy to chat about your specific sailing style and give our advice. 

So - aside from the obvious difference in length where the Stubby version is almost 3 inches shorter - what is the difference?

Free Wave 96 Free Wave STB 95
96 liters 95 liters
234cm long 227cm long
61cm wide 60cm wide
Single Fin with thruster option Tri-Fin
The Freewave Stubby features straighter, parallel rails, shorter length, and a wider tail and nose. With straight water lines from the parallel rails, the rider gains excellent control and has less water drag which increases the speed of the board. The wider tail and nose increase the stability of the board and give you more surface area for early planing and ease of use for freestyle tricks, tacking or jumping. It also reduces the swing weight which translates to crisp, snappy turns and a responsive ride. The stance is moved back compared to the classic shape which aids in the quick turns as well. In waves, you would ride this board on the back foot.

The classic Fanatic Freewave shape features a curved outline with a fishtail and a rounded nose. These features combined offer a ride with smooth turns, forgiveness in jumps and choppy conditions, early planing, and a huge range in a mix of flat water or small waves. The curved outline also support fast turning and the narrow tail gives control and grip with smaller fins. In waves, you would ride this board more with your front foot.

What We Recommend

If you like a more traditional board, where carving is initiated with your front foot and you are mostly in flat or choppy water - the classic Free Wave is likely the better option. The Free Wave STB is an excellent choice if you are more aggressive with your carving.  It is also a terrific option for anyone who wants to work on freestyle tricks without having a dedicated freestyle board.

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