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First Timer's Windsurfing Experience: Kristen's Thoughts

Recently, we had a group from a local marketing agency book a windsurfing lesson with us as a team building activity. While none of them had windsurfed before, they all did great!

Here’s what Kristen, one of our guests, had to say about her experience:

When I heard the team was taking windsurfing lessons I had my reservations, but I had to do it. I have serious FOMO (fear of missing out). I worried about the deep water, getting back on the board, and how well I’d be able to control the sail, but I thought windsurfing looked very cool and I wanted to look cool doing it.

We arrived at the beach and our North Beach Windsurfing instructor was there and ready. First, we practiced the motions and actions on dry land before heading into the water, which was helpful for preparing for the real thing. It was easier than I thought it would be! The movements weren’t quite as straightforward as I expected—those familiar with sailing will find it easier, but I struggled with the sail direction (it’s opposite of what you would think!). It was also sometimes hard to know where the wind was coming from (which I get, is a big part of WINDsurfing). The instructors were great and very patient and complimentary even when I was doing the smallest, most obvious thing right, which made me feel good. As long as you get the moves down, no upper body strength is required. Nor is deep water—I stayed in the shallows and the water was never more than waist high. When I did fall off, getting back on the board wasn’t a huge deal, which was a relief. It was very awkward and not graceful looking, but neither was it hard.

I know this makes me sounds like a diva, but I was not into the squishy seaweed we had to walk through—in my mind we were in crystal blue water where you could see the sandy bottom. You know like you see in pictures. If this bothers you too, you can bring water shoes!

I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. While it takes some skill, almost anyone can get started with the help of the instructors. I didn’t need to be worried about deep water or falling off. Because the wind wasn’t very strong, I didn’t have to worry about going too fast either.

If you’re thinking about trying windsurfing, taking a lesson with North Beach Windsurfing! The instructors are helpful, and you’ll have a ton of fun.