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Stand Up Paddleboarding Gift Guide

Christmas is just a few weeks away and it’s time to get a move on with the presents. If you’re looking for a gift for a paddleboarder, we have some suggestions for you! And if you just happen to be a paddleboarder yourself, send this to your family and friends and give them a big hint, hint about what you want this Christmas day.

Here are gifts for the SUP enthusiast on your list.

SUP Buddy Drink Holder

Keep your can or bottle securely upright while you are paddling with this awesome can koozie that attaches to the top of your paddle board with suction cups. Best of all, you can keep your drink cold and your hands warm even when you are drinking because the can koozie is velcroed to the board attachment! Guys, this seems simple, but is kind of amazing. No more spilling your drink, or having your water bottle roll off your board. And at only $29.00 it won’t break the bank.

NSI SUP Buddy Drink Holder

SUP Lock

After a day at the beach, you don’t want to worry about your board getting stolen while you go grab a frosty beverage. With a lock you can keep your board attached to your roof rack, truck bed, or even a tree or park bench! This awesome lock attaches to any paddle board with a recessed carrying handle. Included with the SUP Lock is an adjustable 6 foot long Master Lock Python™ locking cable, and it features a 5/16" diameter braided steel for maximum strength and flexibility. The protective vinyl coating protects against scratches to your SUP. For $49.00 you can give peace of mind to your favorite paddler!


Belt Style PFD

The US Coast Guard requires that you have a life vest with you when you are using a stand up paddle board outside the surf zone. Traditional PFDs can be hot, uncomfortable, and affect your paddle stroke. These belt style PFDs from Starboard will keep you legal, safe, and comfortable when you are on the water. You wear it around your waist and can manually inflate it by pulling on the firing handle and also features a mouthpiece to maintain inflation once it has been activated.  

Starboard PFD Lifesaver belt vest

Carbon Paddle

A lightweight carbon paddle can truly be life changing. After all, when you are stand up paddling, the paddle is the thing that is making you go. Getting a better paddle is like getting a better engine for your car (but much less expensive!). A lot (maybe even most) people get a basic aluminum paddle when they buy a paddle board, thinking they aren’t good enough to tell the difference. A lighter weight paddle with the right flex characteristics will help you get the board going faster through the water with less strain on your joint and muscles. That adds up to more time and fun on the water. Like most things that are made from carbon, the higher the price the less it weighs. Here are a few of our favorites:

Black Project Pure 50% Carbon Adj. SUP Paddle

Black Project Pure 50% Carbon Adj. SUP Paddle

Starboard Enduro Tiki Tech Adj. SUP Paddle (2017)
Starboard Enduro Tiki Tech Adj. SUP Paddle (2017)

Starboard Enduro Carbon Superflex Fixed Paddle
Starboard Enduro Carbon Superflex Fixed Paddle (2016)

Starboard Tikhine Paddle Board

For the person who needs a new paddle board, these new boards from Starboard combine a terrific new shape with gorgeous graphics from artist and pro-paddler Sonni Honnscheid. Available in standard construction or inflatable and in two different graphics, there is a board for everyone. And for each board that Starboard sells they plant a mangrove in the Thor Hyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar that will absorb up to 1 ton of CO2 over 20 years!

Starboard Tikhine Blend Sun

Starboard Tikhine Blend Sun               

Starboard Tikhine Blend Wave
Starboard Tikhine Blend Wave

Starboard Tikhine Sun SUP
Starboard Tikhine Sun SUP

Starboard Tikhine Wave SUP
Starboard Tikhine Wave SUP

Ion Neoprene Beanie

If you can keep your head warm, your whole body stays warmer! That can be tricky in the water, but not when you have a neoprene beanie from Ion.  With an awesome selection of colors and a variety of sizes for all heads, these soft, stretchy hats stay on even when you fall in! The neoprene won’t stretch or get soggy when it’s wet, it just keeps you toasty warm and looking good. Extend your season with just one simple piece of equipment and get more time on the water!

Ion Neo Grace Beanie

Ion Ballistic Water Shoes

You want to keep the skin on your feet intact, but that can be hard when you are climbing over rocks or walking across shells, and trying to avoid fish hooks while you are on the way to (and in) the water.  On the other hand, you need shoes that will allow you to still feel the board under your feet and stay on the board.  The Ion Ballistic shoes are practically un-puncturable, but still slim fitting and grippy.  

Ion Balistic Shoes 2.5

Dakine Rash Guard

Keep the sun off your skin with a great looking water shirt from Dakine.  It dries quick and looks great, so you can go straight from an afternoon on the water to your local watering hole without worrying about looking like an unkempt surfer dude. The loose fit cut is forgiving in case you don’t have Baywatch worthy abs and in white or grey you won’t get too hot even with long sleeves.

Locking Tie Down Straps

Anyone who spends any time driving around with a paddle board on the roof of their car knows the stress of pulling into a restaurant parking lot after a day at the beach and being unsure if their toys will still be safely on the car when dinner is done.  Stop the madness of trying to park where you can keep an eye on your car, or rushing to get done - get locking rack straps and keep your gear safe!  Kanulock locking straps have stainless steel cables inside the nylon straps, so they can’t be cut with a knife, the buckles lock with a key, and they will work with any kind of roof rack.

Kanulock Locking Straps