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Why Water Sports are Good for Your Health

There’s nothing better than having fun while knowing you’re doing something good for yourself. Water sports are one way to do this—they get your outside, active, and having fun.

While many water sports are good for your health, we’ll focus on two of our favorites—windsurfing and stand up paddleboarding. With that said, many of the points below apply to other watersports, too.

Have fun!

windsurfing dad and son at st pete beach

A combo of cardio and strength

Both windsurfing and paddle boarding combine skills of strength and endurance. With both, you are using your core to stabilize yourself, and your upper body to steer you in the right direction. Moving about in the water, waves, and wind keeps your heart rate up, improving your stamina even out of the water. Don’t forget about your hard-working legs, keeping you upright! You’re working and building all kinds of muscles. Windsurfing and paddle boarding are full body workouts, from the inside out.

Good for your mental health, too

Windsurfing and paddle boarding use the power of your body and nature. Catching the wind in your sail, or feeling the surf beneath your board, can elicit powerful emotions. Participating in water sports can help you stay in the moment and soothe anxiety. For those few hours on the water, you can just forget about work problems or personal issues! It’s hard not to with the beautiful scenery. A dolphin might even pop up to say hi!

Spend time with others

There are numerous studies on the benefits of spending time with others. Luckily, paddle boarding and windsurfing are activities you can do with friends! While paddleboarding lends itself to better to conversation and closeness, spending a day on the water windsurfing with a friend is a shared experience and lots of fun. Plus, you can always go grab a beer or a snack after and laugh at your wipeouts. And if you just want to be by yourself? That’s good too!

Overcoming an injury? Try stand up paddle boarding!

Paddleboarding in particular is a good option for people with preexisting injuries. It’s a low impact activity and can be tweaked to your abilities. If standing for long periods of time is difficult, you can kneel or sit on the board. If you start to feel tired, slow down, or let the current be your guide. Of course, always talk to your doctor to get the all-clear before you try.

If you don’t know how to paddle board or windsurf yet, we give lessons in both. And if you’ve learned how and want your own equipment so you can do it more often, we sell equipment, too!

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