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5 Things We Always Take to The Beach

What’s better than a day at the beach?! We’re so lucky to live right on the water, and through countless beach trips we’ve narrowed down the most important things to take to the beach.

While we always bring our windsurfing equipment if we’re planning a day on the water, we’re sharing the extras that you might forget about. Here’s everything else we like to bring for a relaxing fun day at the beach!

what to take to the beach

Sun Protection

If you only remember one thing, make it this. Sun protection is an absolute must. Even it’s cloudy, apply sunscreen! If it’s daytime, UV rays are out there turning your skin red and damaged. A sunburn is no fun at all (we’ve learned the hard way)! Remember to reapply every few hours. Don’t rely on sunscreen alone, bring a hat and sunglasses to protect your face and eyes. An umbrella is nice to have, too. You’ll be grateful for it when the sun starts getting hot and you want just a little bit of shade!

Something to sit on, something to stay dry

Beach chairs are bulky, but they are so nice to sit down on. Keep your toes in the sand and your eyes on the horizon. Even better if it lays back, keeping you relaxed and out of the sand! Sometimes we just bring a towel to lay down on the sand, but if we plan on getting in the water it’s nice to have a clean towel to dry off with.

A beach bag stuffed with goodies

A good beach tote is like Mary Poppins’ bag. Everything you need just somehow fits! Keep everything you need, plus some extras, in a waterproof bag. We like to keep some minor first aid items, like band-aids and Tylenol, just in case. We also like to keep some fun items in there, like a good book and some headphones if we want to drown on the seagulls!

A cooler with drinks and snacks

Another must is a cooler filled with cold water—plus a beer or two. Keep healthy snacks on hand that are easy to eat on the beach, like cheese and crackers and some fruit. Remember, don’t feel seagulls, because soon you’ll be surrounded by all their friends and you can say goodbye to your carefully packed snack!


We don’t always bring our GoPro, but we do like to have it on hand if the moment strikes! We have a waterproof case for it, and it’s fun to bring into the water on clear days. If we’re windsurfing or paddleboarding, we hook it to our board. It’s so much better than taking photos with a phone!