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Inspiration to Advance Your Windsurfing Game

When you’re feeling uninspired, a good video can lift your spirits! When you want to step up your windsurfing game but aren’t sure where to start or what to do, head to YouTube. There are some truly amazing windsurfers who post videos of themselves catching some serious air and blazing along the water at incredible speeds.

No matter what level you’re windsurfing at now, watching these guys and gals out on the water will get you itching to get out there yourself. And the beautiful locales will have you booking a windsurfing vacay ASAP!

Speed Challenge

The open water and minimal waves—it’s the setting to work on your speed. Watch these guys, some of the fastest speed sailing windsurfers, cut across the water at an insane pace. The thrill of speed is surprisingly powerful!

Effortless Tricks

There’s just something about watching someone do tricks effortlessly (not to mention in that stunning water!). And if you’re nowhere near this level of skill? Don’t let that get you down! Getting better at windsurfing is the long game—just know that after lots of practice, you could be doing this too!

And if you think you need to be somewhere windy to learn impressive looking tricks, you will want to check out this amazing light wind freestyle!

Racing for Everyone

What do you get when you combine over 1000 windsurfers (yes, literally over 1000) in the South of France for a windsurfing event? The Defi Wind!  This annual event has pros and weekend warriors alike, all charging across the start line and through the course in the largest gathering of windsurfers in the world.  This should be on every windsurfer’s bucket list.


Don’t miss out on the latest windsurfing craze - see the added dimension of flight that foiling brings to windsurfing. There is nothing like learning something new to make you feel more alive, and foiling is the new thing to learn! And check out the rugged beauty of Baja Mexico while you’re at it.