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How to Get Kids Into Windsurfing

Windsurfing is a fantastic sport for kids to get involved in. Especially if you live in Florida! Not only are water sports good for your health, they are also lots of fun. Starting early with kids windsurfing lessons can mean building a lifelong hobby, should they decide they really love it. And if your kid has a competitive streak they can also windsurf in races and even set their sights on the Olympics!

When can kids start windsurfing?

There’s no set rule on how old children need to be before they start kids windsurfing lessons. Kids as young as 4 can start learning to windsurf, but it really all depends on the individual child. In general, we like the children we teach to be about 8 years old and to weigh at least 60 pounds. This is because if kids are too small they won’t be able to wrangle the sail! We always take care to teach young children only on days where the wind is light and the water is calm.We use equipment that is specifically designed for their light weight and small hands.

kids windsurfing

It’s also important that a young child is able to focus on the instruction and follow it correctly during a kids windsurfing lesson. There is a lot of information, and while we try to make it fun we know that kids get antsy quickly! Often, they will have a lot more fun if they are learning along with other kids, so bring their friends along too.

While any child who wants to learn can, they should know how to swim and be comfortable in the water before they start windsurfing. This is important because falling while learning to windsurf is inevitable! Kids also need to have a respect for the ocean—that means understanding that strong currents, big waves, and deep water is nothing to mess around with.

Sign up for kids windsurfing lessons

Are they ready to get on the board? It’s a good idea to sign up your kids for lessons if they are interested in learning how to windsurf. This way they can learn the proper stances and movements right from the beginning. Windsurfing instructors can also make sure they are set up with the correct gear for their size and skill.

Summer camp is also a great way to get your kids windsurfing.  Here on the Florida Gulf coast the Clearwater Community Sailing Center and Eckerd College have week long summer camp programs that are devoted just to windsurfing!

Windsurfing can be a great family activity. If you’ve never windsurfed, you can sign up to take lessons with us, too. Just don’t be surprised if your kid surpasses you in skill in no time at all!

Make time to practice

After the first lesson, spend time on the water with them so they can practice! While kids are still growing and gaining new skills, it’s a good idea to wait to make any big windsurfing purchases, and instead begin by renting equipment or shopping secondhand. We provide rentals and can help you pick out the best board and sail for your child. And when you’re ready to make a purchase, we can help you with that, too!

Should they ever need a refresher on how to windsurf, or if they are ready to learn new skills, sign up for more kids windsurfing lessons. We give advanced windsurfing lessons when they’re ready. The sky is the limit on where your kids can go with windsurfing - we’ve even coached kids who have competed in the Youth Olympic Games!