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Slingshot Levitator
by Slingshot

2019 Slingshot Levitator, great windsurf foil board for new riders and advanced riders alike.

$1,949.00 - $1,999.00

Slingshot Foil Package
by Slingshot

Complete "slingshot" windsurfing foil package with board, and foil

$1,898.00 - $2,299.00

Slingshot 10mm to 6mm adapter
by Slingshot

Slingshot adapter inserts for 6mm fin screws to fit in "slingshot" foil


Slingshot Flight School Mast Package
by Slingshot

Slingshot Flight School mast package for windsurf foil


Slingshot Dialer Board Bag
by ? string:Slingshot ?

Padded board bag for "slingshot" dialer foil windsurf boards


Slingshot Dialer 145 (2018)
by Slingshot

Slingshot Dialer 140 windfoil windsurf foil board


Slingshot Hover Glide Tuttle Base Connector
by Slingshot

Aluminum Tuttle Base Connector for a Slingshot Hover Glide windsurfing foil


Slingshot Wizard 125 (2018)
by Slingshot

Slingshot Wizard 125 windsurfing foiling board


Slingshot Hover Glide FWake Foil
by Slingshot

Slingshot Hoverglide FWake wake foiling hydrofoil


Slingshot Wizard 105 (2018)
by Slingshot

Slingshot Wizard 105 windsurfing foiling board