Windsurfing Rentals

We have top notch gear for every ability! We have a variety of equipment so you will have the right gear for your ability, your size and the conditions. If you want to go light wind cruising on an Exocet Kona with a 8.5m sail, rip it up on a big wind day with a 4.5m sail and freestyle board or check out the wildlife on a no wind day with a S.U.P you’ve come to the right place.

Half-day windsurf gear rental $70

Full day windsurf gear rentals $95

Rentals are set up for you on-site, so no need to worry about transporting gear and setting it up. Different sites are available according to your ability.

Please call for gear and sailing location options and to make an appointment. Weekly rates are also available, please contact for more info.

Please call ahead for lessons and rentals:
Britt Viehman
(727) 656-6569