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Bic C-Tec Tracer 14' x 26"


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Bic Tracer 14' paddle board

The new Bic TRACER series (“Touring-Racer”) excels as both a performance race paddle board and an all-purpose touring board. Designed for riders who want speed and glide as well as comfort and stability.  The use of a Carbon-Innegra weave fabric results in high durability as well as light weight at a great price.


  • Carbon-Innegra fabric for lightweight durability
  • Pronounced Keel and displacement nose maximizes speed.
  • Added volume in the nose helps shed water in heavier conditions.
  • Flat section under the paddler’s feet for high stability.
  • Slight V Tail shape for maximum manuverability.
  • Generous volume for stability in heavy wind and chop and ease of catching bumps and keeps the board gliding during heavy acceleration.
  • Slight concave paddling area lowers the center of gravity for added stability.
Board Specs: