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Fanatic Fly HRS

size: 10

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size: 11.2

Price:   $ 1,699.00   $ 999.00  
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Fanatic Fly HRS

This is our favorite all-around sup for flat water and small wave surfing.  With just the right combination of length and width, the Fanatic Fly is more stable than most other paddle boards of the same size.  The edge-to-edge flat deck makes the board feel even more stable, and the thickness and rail shape add to the confident feeling on the water without sacrificing glide or maneuverability.  The HRS construction keeps the board light weight, but is also durable and stays looking nice with lots of use.  The Fly also comes with a built in mast base mounting point, so you can add a windsurfing rig to any of these as well.

Board Options:
9'6" x 31" x 151 liters
10' x 30" x 159 liters
10'6" x 31" x 177 liters
11'2" x 34" x 236 liters