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Slingshot Shred Sled V1

size: 7 /143 liter

Price:   $ 2,344.43   $ 999.00  
Out of Stock

size: 5 9/110 liter

Price:   $ 2,344.43   $ 999.00  
Out of Stock
Board ONLY includes mounting hardware.  Footstraps, foil and other accessories are sold separately. Call us with any questions.  727-656-6569
Shipping is $125 to the freight terminal closest to you.

Slingshot Shred Sled

You’ve got the ticket to ride no matter the conditions with Slingshot’s new Shred Sled. The 3-in-1 foil board is the ultimate travel buddy and foiling machine. The 7' version is big enough to be paddled when it's light, the 5'9 is great with a windsurfing rig or a wing. Once the wind kicks up, attach a windsurf sail or grab your foil wing and enjoy how nimble this board is at foiling. The beveled rails, kick-tail, and consistent width help get you up on foil faster.

Windsurfers will love the freedom of un-strapped, laid back style windfoiling, while SUP-foilers and wing-foilers will love the power and efficiency of center-line strapped riding. No matter what the conditions – you’ll be ready to shred.


  • Footstrap Inserts – with angled front foot
  • Windsurf Mast Track
  • Adjustable Foil Track
  • SUP handle on bottom of board
  • Kick Tail
  • Chined rails
  • Flat Deck Pad
  • Raised EVA Centerline Indicator