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Fanatic Sky Wing Foil Board (2021)

Fanatic Sky Wing Foil Board 

The folks at Fanatic have been busy creating some fun new toys. Shaper Sky Solbach has been really pushing the technology and this board is no exception.  The Sky Wing board is specifically designed for wing foiling.  If you’ve been out there pushing yourself on the foil wing then this board is a great to take it to the next level.  These boards are really compact and loaded with volume right where you stand so you can lift off earlier and easier, with your feet already in the footstraps.    Boards come in 4’8”, 5’0”, 5’4”, 5'8" and 6'0".  The smaller sizes are great for riders with a little more experience that love freeride and waves.  The larger sizes are great for early takeoff and quick glide in light winds.  They are showing off their curvier rocker line, beveled rails and deep double concaves.  This all means that you will start flying earlier and easier, and have smoother touchdowns. These boards are small enough to carry around without breaking a sweat (with the foil attached) all while making sure that you can still easily start and get going in the water. I can easily fit the 5'8" in my car with an assembled foil, 3 wings and the pump.  How's that for easy travel?



  •         Ultra compact shape – This board has a lot of volume packed into a tiny, compact shape.  This helps with flotation, stability and maneuverability.  The size also makes it easy to knee start.
  •         Footstraps – Multiple foot strap insert options make it possible to do a double front strap to switch stance when freeriding,or single  straps over the center line for when you’re out surfing waves
  •         Deck Shape – Deck shape is recessed which helps give you more control and direct connection with the foil.
  •         Foil Shape – The pulled in nose shape and beveled rails help with neutral and smooth touch downs.  This also helps you avoid catching in tight turns on the wave. 
  •         Deckpad – Most of the board is covered with the deckpad to help give you more comfort and support.  There is even a tail kicker that really helps you carve into waves.
  •         Bottom Shape – The bottom of the board looks pretty unique.  The channel bottom shape makes for efficient riding, soft landings and great tracking while you’re not in flight.
  •         Short length – Easy to pump and transport
  •         Comfort – Foil boards can be a pain to carry around.  Carrying handles on the deck and bottom make it easy to carry with or without the foil.  You can carry the board/foil with one hand and the foil wing in the other.  One trip to the water!
  •         Tracks – Board comes with 2 US track fin slots for mounting pedestal/4-bolt foils too.

Why do we love this wing board?  The small compact shapes and carrying handles just make life easy.  The deck pad is really soft and doesn't feel rough on your knees at all.  Above all, it performs great.  The volume is right where you need it and the bottom shape makes pumping the board easier.  Really clean release to get you foiling sooner!