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Bic Ace-Tec Performer


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10'6" is 31.5" wide, has 185 liters of volume, and weighs 26lbs.
11'6" is 32.5" wide, has 215 liters of volume, and weighs 30lbs.

Bic Ace Tec Performer Paddle Board

This Bic SUP is perfect for the whole family.  A super versatile, all around shape in Bic's eco friendly, made in France construction that is light weight and tough.  Has an ergo built in carrying handle, 3/4 length deck pad and built in tie-down points.  For cruising around in flat water, or trying your hand at paddle surfing, this SUP will do it all!

The Ltd. and Wahine have a flat white finish that is resistant to scratches.  The Performer Red has a great looking, glossy red finish.