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Duotone Idol LTD (2019)

Duotone Idol LTD Competitive Freestyle Sail

Take your freestyle sailing to the next level with this super light freestyle sail from Duotone (formerly North).  The Idol LTD is the lightest freestyle sail that Duotone has made, designed to create maximum lift/speed for sick aerial maneuvers and other fun freestyle tricks.  


  • Convex Dacron Luff-Panel- enables maximum lift for all jumps against the sail.
  • Hollow Lower Leech- includes mini battens that stabilizes profile above the boom to prevent leech flattering
  • Radial Load Stripes- located at the clew improve stability and extend wind range of sail
  • Lightest Freestyle Sail- made of high tech yachting material (ODL Laminate, 4mil Ultra Film)
  • Fastest Ducking- super high clew and short boom allow fastest possible ducking to avoid losing any speed
  • IRocket 2.0- lightest batten tensioner of all time