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Duotone Super Session HD (2019)


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Duotone Super Session HD Freewave Sail

New to this season, the Duotone Super Session will be your go to bump and jump freewave windsurfing sail! This freewave windsurfing sail is what we like to call a real world wave sail for less than stellar conditions or when the surf doesn't break that often.  This is the HD construction, which is the monofilm-free construction which is an x-ply layout incredible durability and longevity (and still comes with a 2 year warranty).  With a 5-batten layout, the Super Session combines power and excellent control/handling regardless of the conditions giving the rider plenty of stability at higher speeds compared to a dedicated wave windsurfing sail without sacrificing control. It has a crisp and lightweight feel, and due to the further forward and higher draft position,  you can have great acceleration even in lighter winds, but still feel controlled in the gusts. This sail is designed so that 2 masts fit the entire range of sail sizes!

Size 4.0 4.4 4.8 5.2 5.6 6.0 6.4
Boom Max (cm) 152 158 165 171 176 179 186
Luff Max (cm) 382 398 413 434 441 456 466
Vario Top - - - - - - -
Battens 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
Weight (kg) 3.00 3.20 3.40 3.60 3.80 4.00 4.20
Mast Length (Best/Alt) 370/400 370/400 400/430 400/430 430 430 430