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Ezzy Hydra (2019)

Ezzy Hyrda

Take your wind foiling experience to the next level with this new sail from Ezzy.  When Ezzy designed this sail they had five goals in mind for the sail: must be more efficient than a normal sail, less sensitive to gusts, early planing power and stability when foiling, must de-power easily, and must be light, these goals came to fruition with the Hyrda.  The first thing you notice when looking at the Hydra is the elongated foot of the sail, this design choice was made due to the board's height off the water when foiling, this allows the Hydra to have more low end power letting the rider get up and foiling sooner and provides stability once the rider is up and foiling.  The added bonus of this larger foot is the sail does not need cambers or an extra batten below the boom reducing the weight of the sail by at least 1kg.  Another feature of this sail is the 3/4 batten design, this allows the sail to luff (transition from full to flat easily) which lets the rider have extra power when pumping the sail to get foiling and once foiling the sail becomes flat and very responsive.

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