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Fanatic Freewave TE (2020)

Free Wave Team Edition

Looking for that one windsurfing board you can take to the beach no matter what size the waves are?  Then look no further because the Fanatic Free Wave TE is the board for you.  This windsurfing board is returning for the 2020 season looking to be the most versatile windsurfing board on the market.  The Free Wave TE is a biax fiber innegra construction designed to be durable/light for ultimate performance making it cost a bit more than the Free Wave.  This windsurfing board is also designed with a compact shape allowing for great control of the board whether you are carving up the face of a wave or launching yourself off a wave for a sick aerial maneuver, this allows the board to perform just as well compared to a dedicated windsurfing wave board.  Another feature that brings out this windsurfing board's potential is the wide tail which lets the rider plane through lulls more efficiently and easier jibes while free riding.  Lastly, this board is designed with more parallel rails letting the board have great upwind potential and lets the board come on plane that much sooner.  At this point you are most likely wondering how the Free Wave TE compares to other boards on the market.  Compared to the the Blast you would choose the Free Wave TE if you are looking to ride waves and want a more maneuverable board, but if you only intend to free ride with no aspirations to ride waves then you should choose the Blast.  If you enjoy free style sailing then you would pick the Free Wave TE over the Skate if you wanted more free ride and wave sailing performance, however, if free styling is all you wish to do then you should go with the Skate

Changes from 2019

The Fanatic Free Wave now comes in a new shape concept with a refined tail and nose for increase maneuverability and control.  This change in design makes this board more versatile than the previous years model making the Free Wave a true chameleon ready to adapt and excel in all conditions


  • New shape concept across the entire range, with added 75 liter version
  • Evolution of the Free Wave STB shape allows versatility in all conditions
  • New tail shape and outline boosts maneuverability and control
  • Faster rocker line boosts planing power especially in larger sizes
  • Parallel outline design low drag and improves control
  • Wide tail ensures early planing and upwind performance
  • Trim and stance provide snappy turning on waves
  • Very smooth and comfortable ride in chop
  • Compact proportions make jumping easy and comfortable
  • Great for classic freestyle moves
  • Powerbox center fin and slot box side fins allows for use of tri-fin or single fin
  • Double back strap option (on larger models 95+) for flat water blasting and true versatility