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Fanatic Shark


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If you are looking for a slightly wider board, check out the Fanatic Gecko!

Fanatic Shark- The board that keeps on giving!

Get out and get going on the water with this Fanatic Shark HRS windsurfing board! Due to shape and size, the Fanatic Shark is an easy to use, easy to progress on board that inspires confidence and will encourage you to push your limits.  With width relative to volume, you have just the right amount of float and stability in the middle, but plenty of shape to edge into your jibes as you progress in your windsurfing skills! This board transitions flawlessly from smooth, graceful cruising to lightning speed runs. The shark is the perfect platform for fast learners and will give you a lifetime of Freeride pleasure. The proven CAD-shaped scoop rocker, comfy domed decks and compact outline are easy to use and allow you to push to the limits every day on the water!

Fanatic Shark Board Specifications

Fanatic Shark Board Specs