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Ion Strike Core Semidry Skin 5/4mm (2018)


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Ion Strike Core Semidry Skin 5/4mm Wetsuit

You can guarantee amazing comfort and warmth windsurfing or kite boarding with the Ion Strike Core Semidry Skin 5/4mm wetsuit! This wetsuit has the ultimate windchill protection using Ion's Skin technology: a closed cell structure that prevents heat evaporative heat loss keeping you warm and dry and out on the water even in the gnarliest storm conditions. The Core Semidry Skin also features Hot_Stuff lining and Ion's Water_Gate Plus construction adding to the warmth of this wetsuit. You also get Crash_Padz on the ribs and shins for additional protection- a great feature for the bold windsurfer working on forward loops or push loops who need some extra padding for the not-so-great landings! This wetsuit is ideal for windsurfing in water temperatures ranging from 32°F - 48°F.

Sizing Chart
Size Height (FT'/IN'')Weight (LBS)Chest (IN'')
XS 5'6''-5'9'' 125-140 34-36
S 5'8''-5'10'' 135-155 36-38
M 5'9''-5'11'' 150-175 38-40
L 5'11''-6'1'' 170-195 40-42
XL 6'0''-6'2'' 190-215 42-44
XXL 6'1''-6'3'' 210-230 44-46
STall 5'9''-5'11'' 140-165 36-38
MTall 5'10''-6'0'' 160-185 38-40
LTall 6'0''-6'2'' 180-205 40-42
XLTall 6'1''-6'3'' 200-220 42-44
MSmall 5'9''-5'11'' 158-194 39-41
LSmall 5'11''-6'1'' 178-202 41-44
XLSmall 6'0''-6'2'' 198-224 42-45