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Ion Strike Overknee LS 4/3mm (2017)

Size: L

Price:   $ 239.95   $ 189.00  
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Size: L/Olive-Blue

Price:   $ 239.95   $ 189.00  
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Ion Strike Overknee LS 4/3mm Wetsuit

The Ion Strike Overknee LS 4/3mm is one of the best all-around wetsuits with high end technology at an affordable price- truly a keeper for any windsurfing fanatic! This wetsuit features Hot_Stuff lining for great warmth without sacrificing freedom of movement, in addition to Crash_Padz located at the shins and ribs to give riders more protection and confidence as the progress. Other features include the Water_Gate neck line, Seam_Reinformcements, leg loop, drain holes, sunglasses loop, and an internal key pocket. The overknee style also makes it easier to get in and out of your wetsuit because the leg cuff sits right below your knee which is wider than your typical narrow ankle cuff on long legged wetsuits. This wetsuit has been a top pick with the male staff for those cooler days, and it easily keeps you comfortable in water temperatures ranging from 43°F - 64°F.

Sizing Chart
Size Height (FT'/IN'')Weight (LBS)Chest (IN'')
XS 5'6''-5'9'' 125-140 34-36
S 5'8''-5'10'' 135-155 36-38
M 5'9''-5'11'' 150-175 38-40
L 5'11''-6'1'' 170-195 40-42
XL 6'0''-6'2'' 190-215 42-44
XXL 6'1''-6'3'' 210-230 44-46
STall 5'9''-5'11'' 140-165 36-38
MTall 5'10''-6'0'' 160-185 38-40
LTall 6'0''-6'2'' 180-205 40-42
XLTall 6'1''-6'3'' 200-220 42-44
MSmall 5'9''-5'11'' 158-194 39-41
LSmall 5'11''-6'1'' 178-202 41-44
XLSmall 6'0''-6'2'' 198-224 42-45