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Ion Strike Steamer SS 3/2mm (2016)

Size: M

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Price:   $ 249.00   $ 199.00  
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Ion Strike Steamer SS 3/2mm (2016)

The Ion Strike Steamer SS 3/2mm is one of the best all-around wetsuits with high end technology at an affordable price! This wetsuit features Crash_Padz located at the shins and ribs to give windsurfers and kiteboarders more protection and confidence as they progress. Other features include the Water_Gate neck line, Seam_Reinformcements, leg loop, drain holes, sunglasses loop, and an internal key pocket. This wetsuit is recommended for water temperatures ranging from 59°F - 75°F. If you are looking for a wetsuit with a little more flexibility in the legs compared to this full leg wetsuit, look no further than the Ion Strike Overknee SS 3/2mm wetsuit. The Strike Steamer gives a rider full leg protection, but the Strike Overknee offers windsurfers easier access to get in and out due to the wider leg cuff that sits right below the knee rather than the standard narrow cuff that wraps around the ankle on a full suit.

Sizing Chart
Size Height (FT'/IN'')Weight (LBS)Chest (IN'')
XS 5'6''-5'9'' 125-140 34-36
S 5'8''-5'10'' 135-155 36-38
M 5'9''-5'11'' 150-175 38-40
L 5'11''-6'1'' 170-195 40-42
XL 6'0''-6'2'' 190-215 42-44
XXL 6'1''-6'3'' 210-230 44-46
STall 5'9''-5'11'' 140-165 36-38
MTall 5'10''-6'0'' 160-185 38-40
LTall 6'0''-6'2'' 180-205 40-42
XLTall 6'1''-6'3'' 200-220 42-44
MSmall 5'9''-5'11'' 158-194 39-41
LSmall 5'11''-6'1'' 178-202 41-44
XLSmall 6'0''-6'2'' 198-224 42-45

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