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Maui Sails 100% SDM Mast

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Will this mast be compatible with your sail?  Just give us a call at 727.656.6569 if you aren't sure!

Maui Sails 100% Carbon SDM Windsurfing Mast

The Maui Sails SRS 100% SDM mast is for those who demand the ultimate in performance, durability, and responsiveness for high performance radical conditions! Maui Sails masts are made to deliver superior strength and maximum performance and are a testament that strength and lightweight can exist in a single component to your windsurfing rig set up. These 2-piece SDM (standard diameter) masts are a made from pre-preg construction and 100% carbon fiber- this has an incredibly light feel and adds to the overall performance of your kit. It also makes sail handling and sail control more readily achievable, a plus if you plan on taking on high winds and conditions that require quicker reactions.

While not as light as a RDM mast, you still get a very strong and responsive feel with this SDM windsurfing mast at a slightly lower cost! Great for windsurfers who are looking for the best quality and who want a standard diameter mast for their bigger freerace sails. The SDM mast is easy to rig on your sails and will make water starting or up-hauling your sail much easier due to the light weight feel of a 100% carbon mast. This mast is very compatible with the Maui Sails TR series of race sails, but improves the feel of sailing the Maui Sail's Titan and Pursuit series as well.  This is a pre-2014 mast, and will still work great with older or newer Maui Sails models.
Maui Sails SRS 100% Carbon SDM Mast Specs