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S2 Maui Banshee Sail and Mast Package

Size: 6.4m

Price:   $ 1,235.00   $ 969.00  
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Size: 7.6m

Price:   $ 1,304.00   $ 1,019.00  
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Sets come with one sail and one mast. Please call 727.656.6569 for complete rig package information.

S2 Maui Banshee Sail with Mast RDM or SDM options

Returning for the 2020 season, the S2 Maui Banshee provides power, speed, and lightweight handling not seen in most no-cam sails.  This years model of the windsurfing sail takes inspiration from the S2 Venom race sail for increased performance capabilities on flat water, allowing riders to be the fastest on the water.  The Banshee sail sizes are designed so that the larger sail sizes focus on more of a freerace outline while the smaller sail sizes transition to a freeride outline.  The lighter weight of the windsurfing sail along with the progressive leech design lets riders get up and planing as quickly as possible while also offering a low and balanced center of effort for maximum control. 

North Shore 430 RDM Mast for the 5.8 or 6.4 option

The North Shore 100% carbon windsurfing mast from S2Maui is a high performance and high strength, RDM wave mast. This mast is the optimum spar to complement the ultra-light feel of our wave sails. High strength Kevlar reinforced bottom gives you the best of both worlds (light weight and high strength).  A high performance wave mast that is built to handle the abuse of a North shore winter and will give you the confidence to take your windsurfing in waves to the next level.

S2 Maui north shore rdm mast specs

S2 Maui 75 Freespeed 460 Windsurfing Mast for the 7.0 or 7.6 option

The S2 Maui Freespeed 75% carbon windsurfing mast is light, responsive, and durable. Perfect for the most performance out on your freeride sessions on the water. This mast really brings the S2 Maui Banshee sail to life.