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S2 Maui Jester (2019)

Size: 4.8m

Price:   $ 605.00   $ 465.00  
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Size: 5.2m

Price:   $ 625.00   $ 479.00  
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Size: 5.6m

Price:   $ 645.00   $ 494.00  
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Size: 6.2m

Price:   $ 665.00   $ 509.00  
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S2 Maui Jester Freestyle Sail

Returning to the 2019 season, the S2 Maui Jester will take your freestyle skills to the next level.  S2 Maui has years of experience designing high performance competition sails and all that experiences is brought together is the design of the Jester.  This freestyle windsurfing sail comes in a lightweight construction with a crisp monofilm body offering maximum control and a reactive feel for riders attempting to perform crazy tricks.  Also, the aspect ratio and tensioned leech provides instant response, exceptionally quick handling and maximum pop factor.  Finally, the Jester provides great low wind power and great handling in a lightweight design allowing it to be a good choice for wind foiling. 

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