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Severne Fox (2018)


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2018 Severne Fox High-Performance Freeride Windsurfing

Take the Severne Fox out in the roughest conditions and you will see why it is a top freeride windsurf competitor. Built for speed and control, the Fox drives through chop with power and confidence like a boss. And thanks to the CMC (construction molded composite) construction, you have a durable layup that flexes just the right amount without sacrificing strength and durability. This board has a deep V double concave bottom near the nose to conquer choppy water, and a pronounced panel V through the tail which allows for excellent control and impeccable gybing. With bevels through the front section you clear the rails and effortlessly cruise through your gybes so you can forget about catching the board toe-side ending in the oh-so-embarrassing yard sale.  

Great for flat water blasting, the Fox will be your new go-to for freeride windsurfing!

2018 Severne Fox Board Specifications