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Slingshot Freestyle

Size: 87

Price:   $ 1,999.00   $ 1,849.00  
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Size: 115

Price:  $ 1,999.00 
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Slingshot Freestyle Wind Foil Board

Foiling freestyle is here and Slinghsot is leading the way with these dedicated freestyle shapes.  The new Freestyle from Slinghsot is the go to board for wave sailors, dedicated freestylers and for those who want a dedicated single foot strap on top of the foil for full control of both rails.  The thick skimboard shape allows for a compact size with a ton of volume.  Even though the Freestyle is a compact size it offers plenty of stability for uphauling and plenty of volume to get you up and foiling in light winds.  This wind foil board offers both a base plate and deep tuttle allowing you to use almost any foil and customize your riding experience.  If you want to ride waves, pull off your favorite freestyle trick, and enjoy the control of a 3-footstrap configuration, the Freestyle is the board for you. 

The Freestyle offers a 3-footstrap option and a 4-footstrap option.  The 3-footstrap option is perfect for controlled wave riding and switch stance freestyle moves while the 4-footstrap option provides great upwind and downwind angles. 


  • Skim board shape
  • Base plate and deep tuttle attachments
  • 3-footstrap option - perfect for controlled wave riding and switch stance freestyle
  • 4-footstrap option - great upwind and downwind angles