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Slingshot Levitator

Size: 150 Liters

Price:   $ 2,166.00   $ 649.00  
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Size: 160 Liters

Price:   $ 2,221.00   $ 699.00  
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Compatible with track mount style foils.

Slingshot Levitator

Start your journey into the world of foiling with this new windsurf foil board from Slingshot.  The Levitator is new to 2019 taking the place of the Dialer and the Wizard 150 from 2018, but keeping many aspects that made the Dialer a great beginner windsurf foil board.  This new foil board replaces the pointed nose of the Dialer with a more rounded nose similar to the Wizard and longer length helping to get the rider planing earlier and reduce the possibility of pearling the board if the foil pops out of the water. This allows the rider to spend more time foiling and building their confidence.  Another change that the Levitator brings to the new year is the change in construction from the 2018 Slingshot windsurf foil boards, this construction lets the boards be lighter while being just as sturdy to handle the high torque that comes with riding a foil.  The Levitator also takes some tips from the Slingshot wake foil by ditching the reinforced deep tuttle foil box and replacing it with a track mounting system, which lets riders try out different foil positions to get the most out of their time on the water.  As for minor changes to the 2019 boards, Slingshot has discontinued the mast track system from 2018 and introduced a traditional mast track system into the Levitator reducing frustration of installing a mast foot and all new Slingshot wind foil boards now come with foot straps.


  • High volume/length ratio, super stable and floaty
  • Easy to uphaul, early planing
  • Track mount system lets you adjust foil position for best performance
  • Balanced foot strap placement- puts your stance where it needs to be
  • Longer length helps to touch-and-go instead of crashing
  • Built to withstand high torque and forces of foiling