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Starboard Carve IQ Flax Balsa (2019)

Size: 114 Liters

Price:   $ 2,099.00   $ 1,499.00  
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Size: 131 Liters

Price:   $ 2,099.00   $ 1,499.00  
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This board does not come with a foil, only a standard drake freeride fin.
Interested in foiling, but don't know where to start?  Call us at 727.656.6569

Starboard Carve IQ Flax Balsa

The 2019 Starboard Carve IQ is a fun playful freeride windsurfing board that doubles as a foil board for those light wind days - so you really can have it all! The Starboard Carve IQ was introduced in 2018 and stays the same for 2019 excpect for a color change. The CarveIQ combines two classics: the AtomIQ and Carve into one great board line. The smaller sizes(104, 114, and 124 liters) are similar to the old Atom IQ and give you a fast, maneuverable, and exciting ride. The larger sizes (131 and 141 liters) replace the Carve, with a shorter length but similar flat rocker lines for speed and quickness to plane. This is all achieved through a wider tail for stability and control at speed, cut-away profile on the bottom of the board for reduced drag, and thinner rails for a better center of gravity. All the design elements combine to fulfill Starboard's promise of "maximum performance with minimum fuss"!

  • The 104,114,and 124 sizes of the CarveIQ's compared to 2017 AtomiQ are shorter by roughly 8cm.  This makes them more reactive and maneuverable. The tail is wider than last year's AtomIQ to increase the upwind ability and give the tail more power. With a bit more vee added on the bottom of the board you gain a more comfortable ride and easier jibing.
  • The 131 and 141 sizes of the CarveIQ's compared to the 2017 Carve has a squash nose or squared off nose to reduce the swing-weight on the nose and make it livelier. The 2019 Starboard CarveIQ has more vee than the 2017 Carve, which makes it smoother across the chop and in the jibes.

Starboard's Flax Balsa construction gives you added stiffness with the benefit of using recycled materials. Starboard has been making a concentrated effort to reduce plastics and use recycled or sustainable materials like endgrain balsa. Flax fibers provide stiffness similar to carbon and endgrain balsa provides exceptional impact resistance.

The CarveIQ should be your go-to windsurf board if you want a quick to plane, easy to control, playful freeride board that can be used with a foil in light winds. We have been a fan of the AtomIQ since the original Atom and we are super stoked to have the CarveIQ that is an evolved AtomIQ that has a Foil Tuttle box!! You can windsurf normally when it is windier with a fin. All this windsurfing fun with just one board.

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