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Starboard Foil GT Aluminum Foil (2019)

Starboard GT Aluminum Windsurf Foil

Welcome to the world of windfoiling!  You've seen the videos and you want to know what it is like to add a foil to your windsurf board.  The Starboard GT is the foil from Starboard that is the best all around, freeride foil.  Designed to be a stable and controllable foil that takes off easily in light winds, the 75cm aluminum mast and large wings will get you flying in light wind in no time.  The 75cm aluminum mast and carbon wings are durable and the aluminum fuselage keeps the cost down.  As your foiling skills develop, you can interchange the other starboard masts of different lengths and different size front and rear wings for your desired performance characteristics.  The Starboard GT (like most foils) fits a deep tuttle fin box, however, it is better to use a board with a purpose built foil box. A foil puts significant stress on the board and fin box and many board makers now have reinforced the fin box to better withstand the stresses of using a foil. This great sports version of the GT Carbon foil has a shorter mast for a lower and easier flight across the water. The deep tuttle box has a flange around the bottom of the board to help distribute the load of the foil from the box to the bottom of the board.

The wings and fuselage are the same as the carbon GT foil. The difference is the aluminum mast.


Mast Length: 75cm

Fuselage Length: 75cm

Front Wing Area: 800cm2

Front Wing Span: 80cm

Tail Wing Area: 330cm2

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