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Starboard Tikhine Wave SUP

size: 10.2 x 29

Price:   $ 1,499.00   $ 1,399.00  
Out of Stock

size: 10.8 x 31

Price:   $ 1,499.00   $ 1,399.00  
Out of Stock
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Starboard Tikhine Wave- Art You Can Ride

Great new shapes with awesome artwork from Starboard!  We don't know what tikhine means exactly....maybe it's a female tiki man, maybe it's a cross between a tiki torch and a bikini, maybe it should be spelled tikihini or tikihinie.  What we do know is that these boards have legendary Starboard quality and performance.  The deep concaves of the bottom shape and the boxy rails give you a board that has incredible stability and glide for its size.  Finally, you don't have to put up with a board that is slow across the water or hard to balance on just because you want something that is small enough to be easy to handle! 

The bright and fun Sonni Honscheid art is just the top layer on the Starboard Starshot construction.  The core of the board is made from a precision molded fused-cell core, with a layer of  Australian pine in the standing area for added strength.  The molding process is designed to make the board as strong and light as possible, and the use of plant-based bio resin reduces the adverse impact on the environment.  And, for each board that Starboard sells they plant a mangrove in the Thor Hyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar that will absorb up to 1 ton of CO2 over 20 years!

10'2" Board Specs:

Length: 10.2"/ 309.8 cm
Width: 31"/ 78.7 cm
Thickness: 5"/ 12 cm
Weight: 10.32 kg
Fins: 3 built-in fins
Max user weight: 90 kg

10'8" Board Specs: