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Starboard Wide Point

size: 9.5 starshot blue

Price:   $ 1,349.00   $ 999.00  
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size: 10.5 starshot blue

Price:   $ 1,349.00   $ 1,049.00  
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size: 11.2 starshot blue

Price:   $ 1,349.00   $ 1,049.00  
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Starboard Wide Point SUP

The Starboard Wide Point, with generous width is a great surfing paddleboard for bigger folks, has the size you need to catch the small waves, and still has enough length for decent glide on the occasional flat water session. The curvy outline and rocker line gives you great agility for a board of its size. Easy, top notch performance at a great value!  If you are looking for a stand up paddle board that you will use in the surf 50% of the time or more, this is a great board for you!

New for 2016 - the Wide Point also comes in the 11'2" x 32" wide size.  Finally, there is a great surfing board for bigger riders (up to around 250 lbs) and the longer length gives it great glide!

Board Specs:
9'5" long x 32" wide x 153 liters
10'5" long x 32" wide x 178 liters
11'2" long x 32" wide x 198 liters