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Starboard iSonic Carbon Reflex (2020)

Starboard iSonic Carbon Reflex

If you want to go warp speed when windsurfing, then this is the board you're looking for!  The 2019 boards were impressively fast, and Starboard has made a few tiny adjustments for 2020 ensuring that they are the fastest ever.  Don’t take my word for it, listen to Starboard.  “Our fastest.  Ever.”


The lengths for 2020 are 3-6 cm’s shorter and have a new rockerline to help give you even more control.  You can push harder, longer and faster than ever before.  These boards are proven race winners.  Get ready to blast by the competition across the PWA starting race line, or race around sailors at your favorite sailing spot. With the "low nose" concept, you get reduced drag and extra control, which is exactly what you want when you are setting new speed records.  The profiles remain thin for wind range and the deep deck concaves provide control, a more vertical sailing position while closing the gap between the sail and the deck of the board.  All three sizes we’ll be carrying come foil ready.  The fin boxes are reinforced to withstand the heavier load from your foil setup.  High-density PVC sheets and thick carbon walls keep it light and strong.  Boards feature the lightest grade biaxial and uni-directional carbon fiber construction for lightweight strength and torsional stiffness.


The New iSonic 72:  Starboard has included new two-step cutaways that really helps improve the exit speed and acceleration out of every jibe.  These boards plane even earlier and have gained some acceleration points.  The rails are about 5mm boxier from the tail to the front footstraps.  This adds some volume and leverage, improving performance and balance.  Increase your lead at every buoy and maintain maximum speed and performance, even when conditions aren’t quite ideal. 

The New iSonic 83:  The 83 is rocking the dad bod with the all-new rounder outline.  No shame in this game though. This helped improve critical jibing performance.  1 cm narrower width at 20cm combined with the larger, two-step cutaways Make the iSonic slippery and fast. You’ll notice more lift and you will fly over the water tracking on just the fin, which is one of the biggest performance improvements.

The New iSonic 85:  Faster and better.  You’ll notice improved exit speed, acceleration out of jibes, enhanced early planing and top speed from those new two-step cutaways we keep mentioning.  It is the better overall racing packing in lighter wind conditions.

To wrap it all up- If you want to be the fastest thing on the water, the Starboard iSonic is your new board.