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Fanatic Blast LTD (2019)


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Comes with footstraps and fin

Fun and Fast Fanatic Blast LTD Windsurfing Board

This year's Fanatic Blast comes with all the excitement of last year's board and ensures you will have an amazing day of windsurfing! The Blast is a combination of Fanatic's Stubby concept on a Freeride windsurfing board. This combination that was new from the 2017 lineup offers you uncompromised carving and gybe control, early planing performance, great stability on the nose, and fantastic speed! Compared to Fanatic's Gecko Freeride board, the Blast LTD has more parallel rails for reduced drag, cleaner water lines, and great acceleration. The Blast also differs from the standard free ride board with its wide diamond tail which provides minimum drag and extra planing power in lighter winds. The stubby nose on this board also adds to its overall greatness by reducing the swing weight and giving you a super responsive feel in the back footstraps. 

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Fanatic Blast LTD Specs:

2018 Fanatic Blast LTD Specifications