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Fanatic Stubby Foil Edition (2018)


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Questions about foiling? email us or call us at 727-656-6569 for availability.

Fanatic Stubby Foil Edition WindSUP

This board is for the one who wants it all! The Fanatic Stubby Foil Edition is a stand up paddle board that can be paddled or SUP foiled or even used as a windsurf/windsurf-foiling board. The Stubby features parallel rails for reduced drag and the stubby nose profile to provide reduced swing weight and easy transitions into turns. Catch waves of any size way before they hit the reef and ride them with new lines and a totally different approach. The Stubby Foil has an adjustable system on the bottom so you can use different foils and find the sweet spot for each one. This board also features a mast track and footstrap inserts so you can get your kit flying with just a little bit of wind! The greatest variety of multisport-use combined in one package.

4 ways to have fun with this board
-Sup Foil
-Windsurf Foil

2018 Fanatic Stubby Foil Edition Specs