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Slingshot Outwit

size: 5 10

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size: 6 6

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size: 7 6

Price:   $ 1,581.00   $ 1,423.00  
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Slingshot Outwit SUP Foil Board

The Outwit from Slingshot is a versatile SUP foil board, whether you are doing long downwinders in swell or playing in small or medium waves. With a lot of volume in a short, narrow profile the Outwit is designed to make getting up to speed and catching waves as easy as possible while remaining agile, playful and pumpable once you’re on-foil and cruising. The plate mount for your foil has enough adjustment fore and aft so you can dial in the placement for your size and the size of your foil.


- Super buoyant for its length, keeps board compact and agile once you’re foiling.
-Concave deck gives heel-toe leverage for responsive turning and carving.
-Sculpted bottom contour helps with early takeoff, prevents “sticking” when you touch down.
-Pumpable - link wave to wave without touching down.
-Short length makes traveling and transporting easier than with traditional SUP boards.

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