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Slingshot Shred Sled Package


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The board and foil come with all hardware.  Board does NOT include footstraps.  For any questions, please give us a call.  727-656-6569

Slingshot Shred Sled Package

You don't need the hassle of multiple board for multiple sports.  Get this Shred Sled package and make every day a 3-sport day.  This package comes with a Slingshot Shred Sled board and a Slingshot Hoverglide FWing V1 Foil.  Now you can wing foil, SUP foil and windsurf foil with one board.  No more excuses.  Get out on the water no matter the conditions! 

The Board:

You’ve got the ticket to ride no matter the conditions with Slingshot’s new Shred Sled. The 3-in-1 foil board is the ultimate travel buddy and foiling machine. On those windless days, the 143 liter board is a stable SUP platform. Once the wind kicks up, attach a windsurf sail or grab your foil wing and enjoy how nimble this board is at foiling. The beveled rails, kick-tail, and consistent width help get you up on foil faster.  Windsurfers will love the freedom of un-strapped, laid back style windfoiling, while SUP-foilers and wing-foilers will love the power and efficiency of center-line strapped riding. No matter what the conditions – you’ll be ready to shred.


  • Footstrap Inserts – with angled front foot
  • Windsurf Mast Track
  • Adjustable Foil Track
  • SUP handle on bottom of board
  • Kick Tail
  • Chined rails
  • Flat Deck Pad
  • Raised EVA Centerline Indicator


Length: 213 cm / Width: 76 cm / Thickness: 13 cm / Volume: 143 liters

Package includes Shred Sled board and mounting hardware. Footstraps NOT included. 

The Foil:

The Slingshot Hover Glide FWING V1 foil package is specifically designed to help you progress on the wing foil quickly.  Equipped with the massive 99 wing, which boasts 2.371 square centimeters of surface area, it has the lowest takeoff and stall speed in Slingshot's foil range.  The 99 cm wingspan provides unmatched rail-to-rail stability and makes getting up on foil easier than ever. The front wing pops you up on foil quickly and reliably.  Get ready to fly without your foil feeling twitchy or squirrely.   Combine the 99 cm wing with the large 48 cm rear stabilizer and you'll be amazed at how well this foil pumps and glides.  All the ease and all the fun.

Package Includes:
71cm (28”) mast
Shift fuselage
Infinity 99 cm front wing
48 cm rear wing
neoprene wing covers
travel bag