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Starboard Carbon Race Plus Foil


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If you have any questions on this foil setup, give us a call.  727-656-6596

Starboard Race Carbon Plus

If you just want to leisurely cruise around on a windsurf foil and enjoy the scenery, then look elsewhere.  This is not the foil for you.  This Starboard Race Carbon plus is for advanced race foilers who are looking for maximum speed and to push themselves to the next level.  This foil gives you max power, max upwind performance and a really early take off.  You can get going in really light winds, around 5-6 knots.  This new Race Plus swaps out the 115 standard fuselage for the new 115 Plus fuselage.  This new fuselage shifts the front wing forward and reduces the tail wing angle to align it more with the front wing.  This helps create what Starboard calls a “High Efficiency Foil Geometry”  which is a fancy way to say more speed, acceleration and control.  These foils are thoroughbreds ready to race and win.

With the 115cm fuselage, the mast continues to the back of the fuselage so the blades are positioned further forward. This allows the rear wing to be positioned flatter, reducing drag and increasing speed. The 95cm mast is long enough to give distance between the bottom of the board and the wings so the wings are less likely to get out of the water.  This is ideal for racing in the sea or water higher waves.  The large wings and shape provide more stability and an easier take off.  The wind foil is really high in the wind so it is great for course racing.  You can also customize/upgrade this foil by purchasing loose parts. 

What’s included:  

Front Wing:800 (saddle system)

Tail Wing: 255 (saddle system)

Mast Carbon: 95cm (Deep Tuttle) 

Fuselage: 115 Plus (Starboard Universal Connect).  The fuselage comes with six angled spacers that range from -2 degrees to +1 degree.  Starboard recommends the following (these suggestions are based off of the 225 tail wing and 800 front wing.  Your ideal tail wing angle might change based off your tail and front wing size, body weight, sail size, sailing style and your own personal style).

  •         -2 degrees for wind speeds of 10+ knots (default angle)
  •         -1.5 degrees for wind speeds of 8-9 knots
  •         -1 degree for wind speeds of 7 knots
  •         -.5 degree for wind speeds of 7 knots
  •         -0 degrees for wind speeds of 6 knots
  •         +1 degree for wind speeds of 5 knots

Foil Bag:  Keep your new baby safe and protected in its own fancy carrying case.