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Starboard Foil 177 (2019)


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Starboard Foil 177

The Starboard Foil 177 is one of the five new windsurfing foil boards Starboard has introduced to its foil dedicated-fleet. Based off of the Foil 122 (2018), this entirely new range of wind foil boards accommodates all levels and types of foil enthusiasts. The tails are wide, allowing for better control over the foil and high angles and speed upwind. The rails are sharp along the entire board for earlier planing and quicker take offs while also bouncing off the surface of the water instead of sticking while sailing along. Also, the Starboard Foil 177 is thin to provide control and balance while foiling. They also have inset chicken straps for going downwind on the foil. The Starboard Foil 177 is 91wide, the max PWA foil width.

Starboard takes pride in their windsurfing boards and they have reason to brag. The Foil 177 placed first and second overall last year and has already been on the podium 4 times this year. Its ultra-wide tail and streamline shape make it a racing machine for holding your position upwind. Furthermore, the wide, square nose produces maximum lift for early planing, the ability to achieve large downwind angles, and quick steady tacks. Its a board designed for the top racers yet appropriate for those looking for the ultimate foiling experience. Board is composed of Carbon Reflex making it the lightest wind foil board possible.