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Starboard Hyper Foil (2019)/Slingshot SUP Foil Package

Board Choice: 6 foot 4 Blue Carbon with 84 wing

Price:   $ 4,220.00   $ 3,499.00  
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Board Choice: 6 foot 4 Blue Carbon with 99 wing

Price:   $ 4,399.00   $ 3,639.00  
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Comes with board and foil

Starboard Hyper Foil Paddle Board with Slingshot FSUP Foil

Combining the Starboard Hyper Foil with the Slingshot Hoverglide FSUP foil gives you a fantastic combination for foiling in surf or with a hand-held foil wing!
The Starboard Hyper Foil is a stable platform for learning to foil. The straight outline and boxy rails maximize the volume for the length of the board and keeps it stable on the foil, even for bigger guys. The wide tail provides extra stability and a good platform to help pump the foil to get going and the wide round nose allows for early takeoff and reduces speed loss when the board touches down on the water letting the rider get back up on the foil without having to worry about losing the wave. The recessed deck pad gives extra added stability and a lower center of gravity while foiling and a channeled tail reduces speed loss when touching down and also increases tracking when getting on a wave letting the rider get up and foiling super early. 

Available in two construction: the Blue Carbon Technology which is the light/strongest construction and the Starlite Technology which is strong and provides additional protection to the rails of the board. 

Board Features:

  • Boxy Rails for maximum volume and stability
  • Wider Nose and Tail for early lift
  • Recessed Deck Pad Area for lower center of gravity
  • Foil Box Position is optimized for downwind, pump foiling, and wave riding comes in both tuttle and base plate options
  • Eva Center Ridge - makes it easier to stay centered and balanced

Board Sizes:

  • 7'7" x 30" - great for beginners and heavier riders
  • 7'2" x 27.5" - good speed when paddling into waves and paddling  back into the surf
  • 6'6" x 30" - very stable for its size with great maneuverability
  • 6'4" x 25" - recommend for higher skilled/ lighter riders, highly maneuverability

Paired with the Slingshot Hoverglide FSUP foil - you will be up flying in no time.
Perfect to get you up and foiling with a foil wing, or on your paddle board in small waves or rolling swell! The Slingshot 2020 FSUP package comes with either the Infinity 84 or Infinity 99 front wing. Bigger guys and lighter wind wing foilers will appreciate the extra lift that you get with the 99cm wing.  And the 2020 Slingshot foils come with neoprene wing covers to protect the wings when you are transporting it assembled and a great custom travel case.

Package Includes:
71cm (28”) mast
Shift fuselage
Infinity 84cm or 99cm front wing
48cm rear wing
neoprene wing covers
custom travel case

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