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Starboard Hypernut 4 in 1 Foil Package (Blue Carbon Board)

Size/Foil Construction: 7 4 x30 /Carbon

Price:   $ 5,498.00   $ 4,225.00  
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Size/Foil Construction: 7 4 x30 /Aluminum

Price:   $ 4,598.00   $ 3,225.00  
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The Hypernut 4-in-1 board is available in either the Blue Carbon construction or Starlite construction. This package features the Blue Carbon construction, though is also available in the Starlite construction here. Please contact us if you have any questions about which option is the best for you!
This package combines the variability and user-friendly nature of the 2019 Hypernut 4-in-1 board with the easy maneuverability of the 2019 SuperCruiser foil to bring users of all levels an unbeatable experience!

The Board
Our favorite can do it all board from starboard is back with a vengeance for the 2019 season bringing with it some surprising new improvements.  Let us begin with the fact this board will now be able to utilize both a mast plate foil system and a deep tuttle mount, so no more need to stress over if the board is compatible with your foil and a foil box cover is also included for those days you aren't foiling.  Another welcomed improvement is the addition of a third footstrap position (Angled Wave Riding) allowing riders to enjoy traditional wave sailing in addition to the center footstrap position for SUP foiling and the free ride sailing configuration.  Lastly, the 2019 Hyper Nut 4 in 1 now comes in three different sizes compared to the previous year's model.  The new sizes include a 8'0" shape and a 6'10 shape along with the 7'4" shape we all know an love.  The 8'0" shape comes with a whopping 133L of volume for those heavier riders, this board size increases glide allowing riders to catch waves easier and also serves to help get the rider up and foiling sooner.  The 6'10" aims to be ultra responsive for those lighter weight riders and those highly skilled riders.  See below for sizing specifications

The new 2019 Hypernut 4 in 1 Board model comes in two constructions, the Blue Carbon construction, featured in this package, and the Starlite construction. Starboard's Blue Carbon technology allows for the lightest weight with the best responsiveness and strongest build. If you're looking for incredible durability and impact resistance, the Blue Carbon construction is the choice for you!

The Foil
Starboard introduces its easiest foil ever in the 2019 SuperCruiser! With extremely easy maneuverability, this foil will provide you with the tools for a smooth a fun experience! If you're looking to foil in light winds or to make foil-jibes and 360s as easy as possible, this is the product for you.
The 1700cm2 front wing will give you the lowest take-off speed, and an incredible floating sensation, while the extended fuselage length will lend you extra power and stability. The SuperCruiser foil is available in either aluminum (blue) or carbon (orange) constructions. See below for Specs