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Starboard Team Set II Carbon Foil (2020)


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If you need advice on choosing the right foil, give us a call.  727-656-6569

Starboard Team Set II Carbon Foil

Starboard took your feedback to heart and updated what components come with the Team Set.  


Front Wing: 1000 and 800

Tail Wing: 255 -2°.  Starboard engineers were not totally sold on the G10 wings as they found them to flexy. Their solution was to use pre-preg Toray Carbon for stiff, strong, light and thinner wings.  Adding stiffness helped add control and speed.

Fuselage: 95 Plus and 115 Plus

Mast Carbon: 95.  Starboard masts are designed to be stiff and torsionally rigid for better, controlled flight.  They are built with 100% pre-preg carbon with forty layers of wrapped uni-axial, bi-axial and tri-axial Toray carbon that are hydraulically pressed, heated and fused into one incredibly stiff mast.  The mast is optimized for flex and torsional stiffness.  These are up to 52% stiffer than traditional mast.

Team Bag: Size L

Foils need to be disassembled and reassembled every session and each bolt needs to have a lot of torque applied to get the screws in there nice and tight, so your foil performs at its best.  Starboard uses a Torx screw system.  It’s more robust and reliable than hex, flat or Phillps head screws.  A Torx tool is included with every foil set.