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2021 Starboard Foils E Type Aluminum Set with Bag

Starboard Foils E-Type Quick Lock Foil with Bag

The E-Type front wings from Starboard are super efficient high aspect design for maximum pumping and gliding. The E-Type's higher aspect ratio and straighter leading edge increases flight efficiency for a faster glide with less drag. Starboard Foils' signature look: the double concave adds stability at speed while the drop-down wing tips act like thruster fins to give precise carving traction. The thick asymmetrical profile with a rounded leading edge gives maximum lift to boost low-speed performance and overall flying efficiency.

The super light weight is achieved with 100% high-modulus pre-preg carbon fibre using a mix of uni-directional fibres, bi-axial fibres and a proprietary ultra-light core. The wings are unbelievably light, stiff and responsive. A double overlap along the leading edge and trailing edge maximises stiffness and strength.   

Quick Lock Fuselage:

The front wing slides over the fuselage and locks in place with a quick half-turn of the pressure bolt. The new HD upgrade has an extra hole for a second bolt that gives additional security for heavy duty use. 

Will this front wing work with other fuselages?

Quick Lock HD front wings fit both Quick Lock HD fuselages and Quick Lock fuselages. They won't work with Wind Foil fuselages that use the saddle system.

starboard quick lock drawing