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Slingshot Hover Glide Foil FWING V2

Slingshot Hover Glide FWing V2 Foil

The FWING V2 package is designed to help you progress quickly. Equipped with the massive Infinity 99 wing, boasting 2,371 square centimeters of surface area, it has the lowest takeoff and stall speed in the Slingshot range. The 99cm wingspan provides unmatched rail-to-rail stability and makes getting up on foil easier than ever. Combined with the 42cm rear stabilizer the ability to pump and glide with this combo is otherworldly.

Why You'll Love It
  • Enjoy ultra-low-speed takeoffs with unmatched stability and glide thanks to the massive Infinity 99cm front wing.
  • 71cm (28") aluminum mast keeps your wing in the power of the swell while providing ample flight range.
  • The Shift Fuse gives you the flexibility to connect the mast to the fuselage in 2 different positions depending on rider preference.
  • Hover Glide is a modular system with a wide variety of add-on wings and components you'll never outgrow.
  • Large, 48cm rear wing provides stability and leverage for pumping.
  • Neoprene wing covers and fleece-lined travel bag keeps your gear organized and protected.

SPECS: 72cm (28") mast INFINITY 99CM FRONT Wing 42cm Rear Stabilizer Shift Fuselage Lightweight Pedestal