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Starboard Foils Evolution SuperCruiser Foil Set

Starboard Foil Evolution SuperCruiser Foil Set

Starboard's easiest windfoil ever, the  SuperCruiser! With extremely easy maneuverability, this foil will provide you with the tools for a smooth and fun experience when you windsurf with it! If you're looking to foil in light winds or to make foil-jibes and 360s as easy as possible, this is the product for you. It is also an ideal foil for learning, especially for heavier riders.

The 1700cm2 front wing will give you the lowest take-off speed, and an incredible floating sensation, while the extended fuselage length will lend you extra power and stability.

FW: SuperCruiser 1700 Evolution C300
TW: 330 C300
Fuselage: 102 Evolution Classic
Mast: 85cm 87° Carbon C300 or 85cm Aluminium V5 Deep Tuttle or 82cm Aluminium V8 Top Plate
*Carbon version supplied with Team Bag