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North Foils AF Aluminum Mast

Length: 55

Price:  $ 149.00 
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Length: 72

Price:  $ 179.00 
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Length: 85

Price:  $ 199.00 
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If you need help building your North foil, give us a call. We're happy to help.  727-656-6569!

North Sonar AF Aluminum mast

This is Norths aluminum foil mast that can be paired with either the aluminum or carbon fueslage for: downwinding, winging or prone foiling. The new refined aluminium foil section gives the best balance between light weight and increased strength for higher loads. The AF72 Mast is 30% stiffer than the AK70 mast yet only 13% heavier, and is ideal for shallower waters, and prone surf foiling. The AF85 Mast is 30% stiffer than the AK85 mast yet only 13% heavier, and it increases overall ride performance in choppy conditions.


  • Strong and light CNC-machined anodised aeronautical grade aluminum
  • 30% stiffer than the AK mast yet only 13% heavier
  • GeoLock tapered geometry locking system for optimised load bearing connection
  • Requires Sonar Foil Board Adaptor for mounting to foil board (Sold Separately)
  • Compatible with any Sonar Carbon or Alloy Fuselage
  • AF72 mast is ideal for shallower waters and prone surf foiling
  • AF85 mast offers you more ride height to clear waves
  • More forgiving in rougher conditions